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Principal's Message

I am so honored to have the privilege to continue working with this wonderful Springvalley community for another school year.  The students, staff and parents of Springvalley are truly committed to making this the best place it can be for student growth and learning.  As we go deeper with our understandings of the re-designed curriculum and provide opportunities for inquiry, and social emotional learning, we have embraced a growth mindset where children believe in themselves and their next steps in their own learning journey.  Embracing Indigenous World views and perspectives with a focus on inspiring social justice and equity for all is imperative in the work we do with all students.  The Springvalley school ​team believes in helping children become innovative and collaborative and we embrace a collaborative spirit for all that we do. 

If you ever have any questions or concerns, I welcome you to contact me at the school.  Furthermore, if you are interested in getting involved with our school, please consider joining the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) that meets on the first Wednesday of each month in our school library. 

I look forward to continuing to support your child's growth and learning.  My door is open if you or your child(ren) need support or guidance at any time.   


Sue Stevenson​ 

Principal                                                                                                      ​